With nearly 150 cruise ships, countless other boats, a few thousand buses, thousands of train passengers and people in their own vehicles visiting Flåm each year it is little wonder that there are more souvenir shops than any other type of business in the small village of Flåm.

There are actually four significant outlets selling everything from the quite tasteful to the downright trashy.

My regular reader will know that I am not a fan of shopping and rarely venture into shops unless I specifically want something or they have some appeal other than that displayed on their shelves for sale.

Given that I have attached photos of the interior of one of the Flåm souvenir shops, my astute reader will surmise that I went in and indeed he or she would be correct. I did go in – to buy some water and kill some time prior to boarding our fjord cruise. I also entered another one (that depicted in image 4 below) as access to the Railway Museum is via the rear of this shop.

Setting aside my prejudices – the shops here have all things Norwegian – so pop in to stock up on your trolls, books, woolly jumpers, etc.

Unless of course you arrive on a cruise ship, I would recommend you do your shopping prior to the arrival of a cruise ship or after its departure as things around the village centre are somewhat less chaotic then.

I can’t really comment on prices but suspect, given the presence of so many cruise ships, that prices may be higher here than in the likes of Oslo or Bergen.

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