Apart from souvenir shops there is only one other shop in Flåm, a Coop supemarket. The Coop stocks a decent range of groceries, confectionery, drinks, over the counter medicines and other household requisites like cleaning products and loo paper. My recollection is that should you need a rice cooker you also need look no further than the Flåm Coop.


Having inspected the breakfast buffet offering in the nearby hotel and being rather unimpressed we visited the Coop hoping to pick up something and eat breakfast in the adjacent park. No problems, there was sufficient here in terms of fruit, yoghurts, croissants, pastries and the like to satisfy our needs. Should we have wanted it, there was also a selection of cut meats, basic cheeses and more.


There were no bargains to be had here but I felt the prices were not unreasonable, especially taking into account that it is the only supermarket in the village.

While obviously a useful stop for self-catering travellers I also heartily recommend all visitors pick up some things here for breakfast, lunch or just a snack and eat it on the lawn adjacent to the river and fjord, while enjoying the most spectacular mountain and fjord views available in the village – better than from any other eating establishment. See my separate review – Have Breakfast with a View.

At the entrance to the supermarket there is a large notice board on which is displayed a mix of community announcements and tourist information.


Like everything else in the village the Coop is easy to find so directions are not necessary.

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