On our walk up the Flåm Valley, along the river, to Old Flåm village we came across a number of impromptu and unmanned stalls offering punnets of raspberries for sale. The raspberries were home grown on small farms that lined the road along the river and could not have been fresher.

The all looked absolutely delicious and seemed a bargain based on the price of everything else in Norway and the astronomical price we pay in Australia for a much inferior raspberry.

Despite walking down the road salivating we resisted the temptation to buy some on our outward trip, agreeing that we would buy a punnet on the return trip and take them back to our lodgings for later consumption.

We did indeed procure a punnet on our return trip. We selected our punnet, transferred it into a plastic bag and deposited our NOK30 into the box provided. It is great to see that the honesty system works in Flåm and no one makes off with the money deposited.

Well, I am sure you are wondering if we made it back to the hotel with the raspberries – or perhaps you don’t really care!. Yes we did, but somehow the raspberries had transferred themselves from the plastic bag to our tummies, somewhere along the walk back.

The only regret I had was that we should have succumbed to the temptation on the outward walk as well! They were delicious.

I understand other fruits are available for sale at various times of the year so do keep your eyes open and indulge at any opportunity you get.

Having developed a taste for Scandinavian raspberries we enjoyed numerous more punnets of raspberries in the next few weeks, as well as lots of other fresh seasonal fruit.

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