After all the walking, cycling, train and boat travel you’ve done in and around Flåm you are going to need a drink and there is no better place for that than the Ægir Brewery and Pub right in the village centre. Of course, engaging in one or more of these activities in not a pre-requisite to having a drink here!

The pub’s church like exterior appearance makes it unmissable in the centre of the village.

79The pub, also a brewery, is named after Ægir, a sought after host and brewer from Norse mythology. Its website succinctly summaries Ægir’s story thus:

“In the Norse mythology, Ægir is described as a giant, the brother of Kári (Wind) and Logi (Fire) and the master of the ocean. Ægir’s hall is lit not by fire but instead by bright gold. Every year he invites the Norse gods to a great feast in his hall, Brime, where the beer and the food are magically transported to the guests and the drinking-horns fill themselves. According to Odin, Ægir brews the best ale. He has the world’s biggest brewing kettle, a mile deep, which Tor stole from the giant Hyme and gave to him. In Ægir’s hall the gods were never allowed to fight, and anyone making trouble was banished for all eternity.”

While Ægir’s brewing may have started here in the pub it quickly outgrew micro-brewery level and a new brewery was established on the outskirts of the village in 2012 capable of producing 600,000 litres per annum expandable over time to produce 2,000,000 litres per year.


In 2011 business moved beyond beer production with the opening of a distillery producing an aquavit made from barley, herbs and spices. Whisky is on its way, after it has completed its three years ageing process in oak barrels.


We visited the pub twice (on the same day). The intent of the first visit was just to book a table in its restaurant for dinner. We established that bookings are only taken for large groups but did have a soft drink on this occasion. This we enjoyed in the atmospheric pub, kitted out in the old Norse tradition with rough slate floors, driftwood walls and a fire burning in the hearth. I do have to say though that, pleasant looking as the furniture is, it was actually not that comfortable to sit on.

Later we would indulge in the pub’s beers with dinner – in fact a sample selection of five of the brewery’s forty plus handcrafted beers. While I am not an avid beer drink I greatly enjoyed each of the beers (each matched to a food course) which ranged from a light beer, through ales to stout. I have done a separate review on the restaurant.

For sure, a beer drinkers heaven.

Naturally the pub offers a full range of other beers, spirits, wines and soft drinks.

Absolutely worth a visit and not only because its one of the few things to do of an evening in Flåm when the day trippers have departed.

Opening Hours

Between May and August – Every day from 1200hrs to 2200hrs
Outside this the hours are rather variable so I suggest you refer to the the pub’s website for up to date information.

Address: Centre of Flam
Website: http://flamsbrygga.no/en/aegir-brewpub/

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