The majority of visitors to Flåm do little more than take a trip on the famous Flåm Railway and a boat-trip on the fjords. While these are must dos, I strongly recommend that you stay at least overnight and add a walk or two to your itinerary.

The Flåmsdalen (Flåm valley) and the surrounding mountains are a walkers paradise and offer walks to suit people of all levels of fitness. Those looking for an easy level walk can stick to the area around the village (picture 2) or walk along the river into the valley (picture 1) while those seeking more of a challenge can head into the mountains (picture 3 – taken from train!). Wherever you walk the scenery is stunning. Additionally you don’t have to walk that far from the village centre to get away from the crowds if there is a cruise ship in port.



Talking of cruise ships, passengers (or anyone else with sufficient time – alllow 1.5hrs) taking a return trip to Mydral on the Flåm Railway should consider organising with the train guard to get off at Hareina, two stops before Flåm station, on the return trip. Hareina is close to the Flåm Church and from here you can take the lovely walk down the valley, by the river, back to Flåm.

Buried deep on the visitflam.com website is an excellent walking brochure providing details on ten walks in the Flåm area. The walks are divided into three categories with Category 1 being the easiest. They range from a short stroll around the village to a 20 kms hike. Most walks are something in between and take a couple of hours depending on how fast or slow you choose to walk.

I had planned on doing the church/waterfall walks on the evening of my first day in Flåm and the Otternes Farmyard walk on the morning of the second day.

On the first day I did indeed walk to Flåm Church – but due to the bridge across the river, shortly into the return walk from the church, having been destroyed/ washed away in 2014 floods, to get to the waterfall we would have had to walk the whole way back to Flåm and then out again on the other side of the river.


We didn’t do this for two reasons – firstly it would have been dark by the time we returned from the waterfall and secondly I was very happy with what we saw of the Brekkefossen waterfall (separate review) from our walk to and from the church. Had we set out a bit earlier we could have completed both walks notwithstanding the absence of the bridge.

The following morning, rather than walk, we decided to have a long lazy outdoor breakfast while admiring the fjord, without having to move a muscle. After breakfast we decided to just hang around the village, visit the Railway Museum and people watch before leaving Flåm mid afternoon. As we made our way down the Aurlandsfjord by boat that afternoon we were able to view the Otternes Farmyard, to our right up on the hill.


Another day in Flåm would have been perfect, but such is life.

Website: https://www.visitflam.com/globalassets/kart/hiking-map-no-eng.pdf

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