Having arrived in Flåm via the beautiful Flåm Railway from Mydral the first thing we did was to make our way across the river to check in to the Flåm Camping and Youth Hostel – a 300 metres walk from the train station which is bang in the centre of the village.

The well maintained and impeccably clean Flåm Camping and Youth Hostel is beautifully situated, nestled between the river and one of the gorgeous hills encircling Flåm. It offers a variety of accommodation types including camping sites, van sites, dormitory accommodation, private rooms with shared facilities or en-suites as well as self contained cabins.

We had booked (and received) a twin room with en-suite. This was located on the ground floor of the accommodation block depicted above. The room (which I forgot to take a picture off – see the website where the pictures are genuine) and bathroom were both small and furniture comprised a simple bunk bed, a small table and a couple of chairs. While certainly not luxurious, and nowhere to swing that proverbial cat, it was clean and totally adequate for our needs – showering and sleeping!

I should point out that the rooms here do not have air-conditioning. As such, it was hot when we arrived but by night-time it had cooled down sufficiently such that sleeping was not a problem.

While we didn’t use it (nor did anyone else during our short stay) our accommodation block had a large well equipped communal kitchen and dining area for those wishing to self cater. Again, while I did not inspect the facilities, campers and others staying here seemed well catered for in terms of showers, toilets, outdoor tables and the like.

When booking accommodation in Norway some months before our trip I was, in full knowledge of the high prices of everything in Norway, still shocked at the price of accommodation in Flåm, in particular. Flåm Camping and Youth Hostel was the cheapest place available and I still baulked at paying almost NOK 900 for a small twin room at a place billing itself as a camping ground and youth hostel. At the time I was somewhat comforted by the numerous excellent reviews I had read on this place and the fact that we would only be spending one night there so I could, in all probability, survive it and not bankrupt myself in the process.

As it turned out, I need not have worried, the peacefulness of the complex, the quality of the room, the facilities offered and the friendliness of the staff made for a very enjoyable stay at what turned out to be a reasonable price (for Norway). I could easily see myself spending a few days relaxing here in the beautiful surroundings.


Again while we didn’t avail of it, the Hostel offered breakfast and dinner both in the outdoor area depicted in picture 5. Dinner was a bbq and prices appeared to be a little lower than in the village centre.

The one disappointing factor here was the poor wi-fi connection – not a big deal as we only stayed one night. The other factor which might niggle some is that you have to make your bed up (linen included in cost in hostel rooms) on arrival, irrespective of the accommodation type chosen… one of the very few reminders here that you are actually staying in a youth hostel!

Check in/check out is done at the small office at the entry to the complex (main picture) which doubles up as a kiosk selling ice-creams and the like.


Were I to return to Flåm I would certainly stay here again and would have no inkling to look elsewhere.

Note that accommodation is only available here between March and November.

One of the things we found most difficult in five weeks travelling around Scandinavia and the Baltic was getting laundry done. Public self service laundries/ laundromats are few and far between but we did manage and didn’t have to once use expensive hotel laundry services or resort to hand washing clothes.
Given its size and the fact that the vast majority of visitors to Flåm are on day trips it is not surprising that there is no public self service laundry facility in Flåm.

Thankfully the Flåm Camping and Youth Hostel did have a guest laundry comprising two washing machines and a similar number of dryers. Perfect for our needs.


Having checked into our room (early afternoon) we did a load of washing fearing that leaving it to later in the evening we would have had to wait on a washing machine or a dryer.

The cost was NOK35 for the washing machine (about 5kg load) and a further NOK35 for the dryer. The washing cycle took 30 minutes with the dryer requiring a further 45mins, though we could have dried our clothes on one of many clothes lines in the complex, had we chosen so to do.

To use the washing machines and dryers here you need tokens. These are bought from the reception office where washing detergent can also be purchased if you don’t have your own.

While the facility is for hostel guests they may (I don’t know) let non-guests use it if you were to arrive at a quiet time. No harm asking.

As far as I know this is the only accommodation offering guests a self service laundry facility in Flåm.


Flåm Camping and Youth Hostel
Nedre Brekkevegen 12, N- 5743 Flåm

(Across the river from the railway station – about 300m walk).

Website – http://www.flaam-camping.no/

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