I have written a number of reviews about the wonderful white sand beaches and inviting sea right along the Gulf St Vincent.

Because of the presence of sand banks the water tends to be shallow and there are rarely rips or large waves. While these beaches are generally safe for swimming and other activities it is important to exercise care.

All the main beach areas along Gulf St Vincent are patrolled by lifeguards and rated ‘least hazardous’ on the Surf Life Savers website – http://sls.com.au/ This website provides useful information on thousands of beaches around Australia.


When on a patrolled beach, always swim between the red and yellow flags – picture above courtesy of Surf Life Savers website.

All beaches have safety signs (which also deal with access for dogs and the like) – read these before entering the water if you are not familiar with the beach.

While it should go without saying, I will say it anyway – DO NOT jump from the jetties along this coast.

The safety question I am most often asked is: ‘Are there sharks along this coast?

The answer is that there are very few places in Australia that are immune to sharks so, yes a shark attack is possible. Putting things into perspective, there have been less than 100 recorded shark attacks in South Australia since the establishment of the colony in 1836. 20 of these resulted in a fatality.

The risk of an attack along this coast is very low but as my main picture, a memorial to Nicholas James Peterson taken by a shark on 16 December 2004 at West Beach (between Henley Beach and Glenelg), testifies they can occur. If you have read my review – A Tribute to a Noble Woman –  you will know that the first formally recorded shark attack in South Australia was recorded on this coast in 1926.

I am not suggesting you do not enter the water, far from it. Just exercise care, follow the instructions of lifesavers and enjoy.

This is my last Adelaide – ADELAIDE BY THE SEA review.
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