After nearly forty kilometres sitting on my bicycle saddle – ok, I had stopped numerous times en route along the Torrens Linear Trail from the Adelaide Hills to the coast just south of Henley Beach – I knew I was getting to the end of my ride when, in the distance, I saw a pelican sitting on the top of what looked like one of three old telegraph poles (picture 2).


When I got close-up I realised that I had been taken in and the pelican was man made. In fact, this is one of three similar pieces of work I came across between the Torrens River sea outlet and Semaphore – the eagle, in my main picture and picture 3, is close to Grange, a few kilometres north of Henley Beach while the birds below can be seen just south of Semaphore.


It is amazing how realistic these birds look even from close up. I think that the bird droppings in picture 4 are part of the artwork rather than a later expression of what another bird or birds thought of the work.


To totally confuse my Reader, in the picture along side (credit to the City of Charles Sturt Community Newsletter) can you tell which of the three birds are real (two are)?

What looks like telegraph poles are actually recycled pylons from the Port Lincoln Jetty and the birds themselves (apart from the real ones in picture 4!) are of recycled building materials (metals). The eagles’ nest in pictures 1 and 3 is of Kangaroo Island mallee stumps.

I know, from the plaque, that the sea eagle sculpture is by native Indiana, USA, now Kangaroo Island based, ‘found-object’ sculptor, Indiana James. I am not sure if he did the others too but they certainly look similar style wise.

What a wonderful addition this sort of art makes to the already beautiful Gulf St Vincent coastline.

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