One of the most enduring art forms over the last few thousand years has been that of mosaics, which I simply love. Mosaics by the ocean, well you have to adore them!

I had no idea that these mosaics existed here on Henley Beach Esplanade until I came across one heading north on a bicycle ride along the Esplanade. Then I came across another and then another.



51In all, along this Sea Creature Trail, there are thirty beautiful sea-life mosaics, all created by over 80 community members in association with a local arts centre – The Changing Canvas – which, incidentally, runs various types of art workshops and training, should you be interested. For amateur work, these mosaics are of an amazingly high quality, and are made all the more palatable by being set against a beautiful beach and ocean backdrop.

They caused an unexpected, though welcome delay, at the beginning of my bike ride to Outer Harbor. I should add that the mosaics are easily accessible on foot from the jetty, heading north along the esplanade towards Grange which itself is only about 30 minutes walk from Henley Beach. If your time is limited and you want to sample a little of the 30km plus walk between Outer Harbour and Brighton then I strongly recommend Grange to Henely Beach return (all in 5kms).


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