Dear Reader, if you are not familiar with my propensity for an occasional (some would say frequent) foray into the obscure in my reviews you may be wondering why I have used a picture of a piece of empty parkland as my main image illustrating this review. Do bear with me and all will be revealed.

13In 2008 author Jane Bregoli moved to Massachusetts and more specifically took up residence next to Noelie Houle, affectionately known as The Goat Lady because of the herd of goats she kept in her yard. Bregoli and her children befriended the old lady, as that is what she was by that time. They found her to be gentle and kind and above all compassionate. Noelie Houle was born in 1898 and died in 1983.

In Stirling, Scotland in 1880 Catherine (Kate) Stewart Hutton was born. She and her brother emigrated to South Australia in 1911 and the following year acquired a property here on the Lefevre Peninsula at Gulf Point Marina, a little south of Outer Harbor, and lived in small red house made of galvanised iron.


Over the ensuing years Kate amassed a considerable herd of goats mainly from people bringing their unwanted pets to her. He was known far and wide for her gentleness, her kindness and above all her compassion (unless you took issue with her goats in which case she could use her rich Scottish accent to great effect in cutting you down). The latter aside, Kate became affectionately known as The Goat Lady.

Kate continued to live here and tended to her goats, attired in her familiar cardigan and dress, wellington boots and chaff bag for an apron, until the early 1960s when the farm finally became a victim of urban creep. Kate, however, continued to live here until her death in 1963. In 1999 the local Rotary Club erected a memorial plaque to the memory of this gentle lady which I espied when I stopped to attend a call of nature in the toilet facility nearby.

The parkland depicted in my main picture formed part of Catherine Hutton’s property.

Interestingly, in 1912 Catherine Hutton predicted that this then rural area would become a prime residential area. It did and not only is it residential but  a large marina, Gulf Point, is also located on and adjacent to Hutton’s former property.


Location of memorial plaque

The small parkland north of the intersection of Lady Gowrie Drive and Southern Myth Drive, North Haven – a short distance south of Outer Harbor Train Station.

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