A few weeks earlier I visited The Pinnacle Nature Reserve and while it started out rather disappointing I recorded in my review of that walk how the disappointment turned to pleasure when I went for a wander in the south-eastern part of the reserve, having visited the, oddly named, Pinnacle itself.

On writing that review I came across an online brochure which, while indicating that numerous tracks existed, recommended, and outlined, a 2.6kms walk – The Pinnacle Nature Trail – in the north-western part of the reserve.

As I was especially pleased with the flora and fauna on my earlier walk I returned to do the recommended walk, in the hope that I might see some of the animals I had not seen on my previous visit, i.e. swamp wallabies, red-necked wallabies, possums and echidnas.


This time I visited around noon, certainly not the best time for animal spotting, and apart from the cackling of a few birds and the sighting of a rosella in a private garden which backed onto the reserve, I saw no evidence of animal life during my visit – I exclude the sighting of a few Pokemon Go players from my count!

To vastly improve your changes of seeing wildlife, I recommend that you do this walk early morning or late evening.


I found it rather peculiar, given that this is the walk recommended in the reserve’s brochure, that it is not signposted. While a fair proportion of it is along a perimeter track making that part easy enough to follow – I did miss one of the interior tracks.


Above said, the walk was pleasant enough and would make a great introduction to the Australian Bush for those not familiar with it. A nice way to spend an hour. The walk includes a short detour (about 200 metres return) to The Pinnacle, which I have commented on in the review referred to earlier.

While there are numerous entries to the reserve I used the one on Springvale Drive at its intersection with De Salis Street. In addition to there being parking space here this is where the Nature Trail nominally starts though, being a circular walk, you can pick it up anywhere. You can download the walk brochure from the website below.


Dogs, on leashes, are permitted within the reserve.

Getting there by bus –Not a great service but workable – Route 17 from Belconnen with frequent connections to/from the City (717 weekends only from the City) . Check out – https://www.action.act.gov.au/ – for timetable and stops.

Reserve Entry Fee – Free

Address: Access from Springvale Drive Weetengera, Canberra
Website: http://www.fotpin.org.au/

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