Hells Gate is the entrance to a 13,000 hectares farming property on the flat Hay Plain in outback New South Wales. It lies between Hay and Balranald on a featureless stretch of saltbush, which is generally accepted to be the flattest region on earth.

While Banjo Paterson’s (famous Australian poet and writer of Waltzing Matilda) 1896 (est) poem Hay and Hell and Booligal was extremely uncomplimentary of nearby Booligal, Hell and Hay suffered by association though they could be said to have been complimented. The poem concludes thus:

“’We’d have to stop!”  With bated breath
We prayed that both in life and death
Our fate in other lines might fall:
“Oh, send us to our just reward
In Hay or Hell, but, gracious Lord,
Deliver us from Booligal!”

While not much to look at from the gate the property includes 1,000 hectares of irrigated crops and pasture and a feedlot with the capacity to feed 5,000 head of cattle.

Don’t steal the sign – that’s been done three times now and no naked photos please – that’s been done before as well.

The property is private property and not open to the public.

The station entrance is located 50kms east of Balranald on the Sturt Highway. When you visit some of Australia’s better known cities here is how far you will be from Hell!

Brisbane: 1,400km
Sydney: 750km
Melbourne: 340km
Adelaide: 650km


I pass Hells Gate every year, a few days prior to Christmas, and it used to always be decorated for the festive season as per my attached 2014 picture. In 2015 and 2016 it has been undecorated or more likely the decorations had been stolen, again – sad.

Address: 50 Kms East of Balranald
Directions: On Sturt Highway Between Hays and Balranald

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4 thoughts on “I’ve Been To Hell And Back, Many Times

    1. Country people are very hospitable and many decorate gates / letterboxes along the highway, often many kms from their houses, to make the traveller feel good, especially at Christmas. It’s a shame some (few) feel the need to damage or steal these decorations. Every year there is less decoration as a result.

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