For many years now, if I arrived into Balranald ( located about half way between Sydney and Adelaide – 600km from Adelaide and 800km from Sydney) around lunch time on my annual drive from Canberra to Adelaide, as I invariably did, I had lunch at the excellent Balranald Bakery (separate review). I have a particular soft spot for their apple slice.

A couple of years ago (in 2014) I noticed that another café had opened next door. In 2016 I decided to forgo my stop – and my apple slice – at the bakery and try Café Cassero which doubles as a gift shop offering lots of ‘stuff’ that didn’t appeal to me. But I was here to find something for lunch.


I chose a round of chicken and cheese sandwiches and a cheesecake, from a surprisingly large offering of cakes and slices. The café also offers a very extensive menu. This generally rings alarm bells in my head when I visit small country towns like this though I have a sneaky suspicion that they might actually be able to properly cook what is offered here.

The sandwiches were excellent, the cheesecake delicious though way to big for one, and the coffee was also of high quality. The latter and the fact that pizza is offered for dinner figures given the Italian heritage of the owners which, though I didn’t ask, seemed to comprise two very friendly and helpful sisters. Good solid country hospitality – which I love.

The café is clean and tidy with comfortable seating, including some tables outside. We passed on sitting outside as the temperature was over 35 degrees centigrade when we visited.

I was very pleased with my lunch here and am now torn between whether to eat here or in the Bakery next door when I next pass through Balranald.

Opening hours
7.00am to 8.30pm

Should you require it, there is a public toilet across the road from the cafe at the Senior Citizens Centre.

Address: 109 Market Street (Sturt Highway), Balranald
Directions: Centre of Town

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