A very short and easy walk.

While only 500metres in length the walk does involves some steps. Allow 30 minutes at a very leisurely pace as you meander though the eucalypt forest, partially along a creek, en-route to the Hanging Rock. This is a circular walk best done in a clockwise direction.

Aboriginal people have lived in the Canberra area for around 21,000 years and there is certainly evidence of their habitation in Tidbinbilla going back some time if not for 21,000 years.


Aboriginal people have a close affinity with their land and different groups remained broadly in the same areas over time. Given the vastness of Australia these areas were still large and they practised a hunter, gatherer style of living.


The purpose of this short walk is to see a traditional aboriginal shelter and indeed shelter there your-self for a while under the Hanging Rock – especially welcome on a hot summer’s day.

The main rock among a number of granite tors, Hanging Rock, is an impressive undercut boulder under which hunting parties would have sought refuge or camped when on their way to the mountain tops to collect Bogong moths in the summer. These rather ugly looking creatures provided an excellent source of nourishment in former days if not a favourite today. Yam Daisy roots, wallabies, possums and other food was also available from the surrounding forest with the nearby river providing a ready source of water. Families would also have congregated here in the summer months for weddings and on other celebratory occasions.

This shelter is one of a few such shelters in the area and should you do the Birrigai Time Trail you will come across another.

This is walk 10 on the Discover Tidbinbilla guide which you can download or pick up from the visitors centre as you enter the Reserve.

For details on park entrance fees and other general information about the Reserve and links to other walks see my introductory Tidbinbilla review.

Address: Paddy’s River Road, via Cotter Road (Weston Creek
Directions: Follow Tourist Route 5 from Canberra.
Website: https://www.tidbinbilla.act.gov.au/home

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