Topham Mall (close to the carpark) was the original “Free Wall” in Adelaide – a place were graffiti/ street artists could come and legally paint whatever they wanted (undoubtedly there were some restrictions!).

In 2012 the City Council decided to close it as, apparently, paint fumes, etc were impacting on local businesses. Fair enough, if you visit you will note that it is a rather enclosed area. When the wall was closed all then existing art thereon was painted over and today painting on it is only permitted as part of a festival or with special permission.

That said there is sufficient ‘legal’ art on the wall to warrant a visit if this sort of art is of interest to you and you are in the general area.

Adelaide’s new Free Wall is on North Terrace under the Morphett Street Bridge, right beside the City West Tram stop. I have written a separate review on that wall – Paint the town any colour you like! Do have a look at that review which gives my personal insight into this form of art. In short, I love it.

Address: Topham Mall
Directions: Runs between Waymouth and Currie Streets. A short mall, enter from either end.

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5 thoughts on “Topham Mall – Street Art

        1. yep… the artist I chatted with in Adelaide about this shrugged his shoulders and said – if one of his goes he starts again .. he enjoys the painting as much as having a piece stay there for a long time.


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