The Adelaide Central Market first opened in 1869, though was called the City Market until 1965.

In earlier days, besides selling produce, the market area doubled up as a venue for public meetings and outdoors entertainment, such as Wilson’s Circus troupe with its man-eating lions. I have seen nothing to suggest that they actually ate any men.

More dangerous to men, in earlier days, were the thugs, drunks and pickpockets which the market also seemed to attract. The Adelaide Advertiser newspaper of 16 July 1898 reported the arrest of three men for ‘highway robbery’ and the attempted garroting of a Mr Coddling, next to the market.

In 1908 a letter to another newspaper complained about the ‘insidious temptation to gamble’ within the market.

Today’s visitors to the Central Market are more likely to yield to the insidious temptation to shop … and for good reason.

This great produce market has everything under one roof…fruit & vegetables, meat & poultry, seafood, gourmet cheeses, breads, cakes and more.  Additionally there a a few great cafes within the market though it is often hard to find a seat but don’t fret too much about that as the market is in Adelaide’s small Chinatown area and is surrounded by loads of great cafes and restaurants there, and in Gouger Street.

The Central Market buzzes with life and colour all year round and I rarely go to Adelaide without dropping into what is my favourite indoor market in Australia.

Opening hours (varies around holidays)

Tues 7-5:30
Wed 9-5:30 (optional trading day so there may be less stalls than on other days)
Thurs 9-5:30
Fri 7-9
Sat 7-3

Nicely summed up in the Official Adelaide Guide …….
The history and cultural diversity that make up the Adelaide Central Market make it a pivotal landmark in the Adelaide City and a necessity for any tourist, food connoisseur, café-junkie or fresh-food shopper.

Address: Gouger Street
Walk from the CBD Or take Free Adelaide Connector Bus
Any city bound public transport will get you close by then take Free Adelaide Connector Bus (stops right outside)
Ample paid parking if driving.
Website: http://www.adelaidecentralmarket.com.au/

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