If only via the medium of television, my reader may already be familiar with the famous Bondi Beach lifesavers who patrol that beach in their red and yellow outfits, coming to the rescue of countless hapless swimmers and surfers each year.

Needless to say these members of the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club do a wonderful job and while it was the first surf lifesaving club in Australia and is the oldest active surf lifesaving club in the world it is now only one of many such clubs in Australia.

While many tourists venture no further than Bondi or Manly beaches, Sydney is blessed with numerous fantastic beaches to both the north and south of the city. All the main beaches have an active Life Saving Clubs and VOLUNTEER members who patrol the beaches, wearing their distinctive red/yellow quartered caps, yellow long sleeve tops and red shorts, each weekend and on public holidays, from approximately September through to April.

In 2015, 64 swimmers drowned on Australian beaches and lifesavers made approximately 11,000 rescues!

When you visit a patrolled beach you will see red and yellow flags, sometimes more than one set on longer beaches.

Early each morning lifesavers check the beach surf conditions and locate these flags such that if you swim between them you are swimming in the safest area at the time.

Lifesavers patrol between these flags, usually from about 8am to 6pm, and this is where you should swim.

Should you see the sign depicted below it means what it says!


Additional advice on swimming and the harsh Australian sun can be found here – http://surflifesavingsydney.com.au/lifesaving/surf-safety/

My attached pictures were taken on some of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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