For those who like to get an overview of Gundagai there are two lookouts worth the short trip involved in getting there – Mount Parnassus and Rotary. Neither trip need take longer than 20 minutes (unless you want it to).

My main picture above and the three immediately below are from Mount Parnassus.

This lookout is on the summit of the hill on which most of North Gundagai is built but it still gives reasonable views into this part of the town in addition to affording decent views of South Gundagai in the distance with the Murrumbidgee River floodplain and the town’s two historic wooden bridges in between. Also, off to the right you can see the much more modern bridge which carries the Hume Highway, connecting Sydney with Melbourne/Adelaide, across the floodplain. Also, nice views of local farmland to the rear.


For a great view of Gundagai and in particular the Murrumbidgee River flats, the site of Gundagai pre-1852 when devastating floods destroyed the town, drive up to Rotary Lookout on the south side of the river.

For Mount Parnassus Lookout

Address: Hanley Street
Directions: Via Otway St from Sheridan Street (main street)

For Rotary Lookout

Address: Fry Street, South Gundagai
Directions: To get to Fry Street, turn off Mount Street into Luke Street. The latter changes name to Fry as you head up the hill.

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