74Gundagai is famous for its Dog on the Tuckerbox sculpture located at Five Mile Creek outside the town.

In my separate review of the sculpture I have given details of the story behind it so will not repeat the details here. Please read my Dog on the Tuckerbox review in conjunction with this review if you have not already read it.

Here on Sheridan Street, Gundagai’s main street, the Dog on the Tuckerbox story is depicted in a few aging/ flaky murals on the outside of the Gundagai Pharmacy (across the street from St Patrick’s Church).

Picture 1 is of the famous dog sitting (or perhaps more, given the smile on its face – read my main review for more on that!) on his masters tucker box.

Picture 2 shows Bullocky Bill on his bullock drawn cart en route to Gundagai.

Picture 3 depicts Jack Moses’ 1920’s version of the rather more bawdy earlier version of the bush ballad – ‘Nine Miles from Gundagai’, upon which the sculpture/story is based.

Picture 4 depicts the explorers camp at Nine Mile Creek.

Address: 114 Sheridan St

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