Readers of my reviews here will be aware that I have a liking for graffiti/street art and by that I mean quality art in areas where it is permitted, not illegal tagging and wanton defacement of either public or private property.

The latest addition to the Canberra street art scene is a series of pieces based on the research and discovery of local scientists, aka PhD students at the Australian National University. The idea here was that young scientists collaborated with street artists to being their science ideas to a wider, particularly younger, audience.

The artwork is of excellent quality and pleasant to look at, and it is great to see science coming out of its intellectual bubble. While the formal pre-planned collaboration between artists and scientists takes from the spontaneity of what graffiti art is all about, at least in my book, it is a nice advance on the concept.

It is very much worth a look if you are in the area – perhaps when visiting the adjacent Old Bus Depot Markets, something you should do if you are in Canberra on a Sunday. If you are after more standard street art head for the city centre – Graffiti Art in the City.

Address: Wenthworth Avenue, Kingston, Canberra
Directions: A couple of hundred metres from the Old Bus Depot Market building.

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