Red Hill ridge separates the central Canberra valley from the Woden Valley to the south and affords excellent views of both Canberra and Woden (the city’s first ‘new town’). Most likely named after the red soil in the area (or perhaps the autumn tree colours), the summit is 734 metres high. Like Mount Ainslie and Black Mountain Reserve there are numerous walking/cycling tracks on Red Hill.

In autumn, the brilliant reds and oranges of the deciduous trees in the suburbs below are absolutely amazing.

Keep and eye out in the eucalypts for two birds – white-throated treecreepers and southern boobooks – and kangaroos.

Atop the hill are two dining options (kiosk style café and a licensed restaurant) – Onred and the Lookout Red Hill Cafe, Bar and Restaurant. Food up here is getting mixed reviews – I have not been since a change of ownership about two years ago now – writing this gives me an excuse to go have a look again.

Red Hill Drive by car is the fastest way to reach the lookout, while walking trails provide alternative routes to the top for those who have a little more time (about 30 – 45 minutes) to go through the bush. For walking access, park on Astley Place or Brereton Street in the suburb of Garren.

Other spots for a good (better) view of Canberra include Mount Ainslie and Black Mountain Tower.

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