I am always taken by the peace and tranquillity of Japanese Gardens and this garden on the southern flanks of Adelaide proved to be no different though it is smaller than most I have visited before.

The main part of the garden is beautifully laid out around a small lake (senzui area of the garden) which serves as a centre piece to areas of beautiful flowers, plants, shrubbery and small lawns where you can just lie down and enjoy the tranquility, broken only by the gurgling water as it moves in the small lake – keep your eye peeled for the tortoises.


In the far corner (kare senzui area) there is a very plain though elegant thatched timber tea-house represented by an open pavilion akin to the porch of a Zen temple where you can sit down and look out over the sea of sand – a raked white gravel area punctuated by small rocks – and imagine the vastness of the real sea with its islands and continents.

As you enter the garden, on your left hand site you will come across a beautiful granite Okunoin lantern which was presented by the ancient City of Himeji following it and Adelaide becoming sister cities on 19 April 1992. The Japanese inscription on the lantern reads: “For the friendship of the two cities”.

This is a really great spot for a break from a busy touring schedule or a half hours quiet contemplation just to recall the beauty of nature – highly recommended. Quiet picnics are permitted so take your lunch along. There is plenty of shade.


Everything in here has meaning so be sure to pick up an interpretative brochure from the stand just inside the entrance.

Opening hours

8am – 5.30pm seven days per week except for a 4.30pm closure on weekends and public holidays during April to September.

Entrance Fee


Address: South Terrace
Directions: Between Pulteney and Hutt Streets

This is my last Adelaide – CITY EAST review.
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