No, you have not misread the title of this review. I will return to that anon.

Canberra has a growing number of annual festivals and one of the latest additions (2015) to the fold is the rather fancifully named ‘World’ Curry Festival – Sydney makes do with its ‘Sydney’ Curry Festival!

The festival takes place in July (winter) so if you are in Canberra when it is on do rug up, head into Garema Place in the centre of the city and warm the cockles of your heart with a hot vindaloo.

Probably not least due to the time of year it takes place, this is one of Canberra’s smallest festivals and while nothing like the scale of the Multicultural Festival or Floriade it is still worthy a visit but after all, one can only eat so much curry. In 2016 there were maybe twenty stalls offering a good selection of curries from India, Thailand and the Philippines among other places.

My one negative comment on this event is that there was limited seating available. I for one find it difficult to eat a plate of curry on the run.

While lassi (my favourite) and other soft drinks are available, nothing beats a good beer with a curry – and in this regard the Bent Spoke Brewing Company came to the rescue in 2016. I understand, though didn’t taste them, that they had a Curried Beer and Spiced Cider on offer.

If you find none of the curries hot enough for your liking you could enter the World Curry Festival chilli eating competition for your chance to be named ‘Canberra’s hottest citizen’! I resisted the temptation.

Now back to the title of this review.

Advertising for the event referred to live cultural, music and dance performances. I was anticipating Indian belly dancing , Balinese or Thai dancing and the like. What I found instead, when visited at lunchtime on the Saturday, was a Celtic band.


Putting aside the absurdity of Irish reels and ballads at a curry festival I have got to say it was one of the best Irish bands I have come across in a while – though to be fair I don’t see a lot of them in Australia. I should point out that the band, Humbug, is actually a Celtic band playing both Irish and Scottish traditional and contemporary music though the set I listened to at the festival was Irish.

Perhaps, after all, the title of ‘World’ Curry Festival is more appropriate than I first imagined!

Address: City Centre, City Walk, Canberra

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4 thoughts on “World Curry Festival – The Best of Irish

  1. I disagree profoundly with your observation that one can only eat so much curry. I also smiled at your remark about eating curry on the run. On the run can often be a side effect of a hot curry I find 😉

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