While there are numerous examples of good graffiti art all over Canberra the majority would be time consuming for the visitor, with only a passing interest in the subject, to visit. There are currently (Sept 2016) 24 legal street art sites in Canberra, primarily road underpasses and spillways. Additionally there are a number more formal and more professional mural sites.

Thankfully, the city’s single largest concentration of legal graffiti art (a mural site) is located right in the centre of the city – a superhero playground. Here I found some of the best examples of the style that I have seen anywhere and I am a big fan.

I hasten to add that I do not condone the wilful destruction/ wanton vandalism of public or private property via graffiti – the vast majority of which lacks any artistic merit whatsoever. Tastefully done and judicially placed, I think graffiti art can transform otherwise drab and boring areas into places worth visiting. The local government, in what I consider to be a progressive move, recently appointed a street art coordinator for Canberra with the aim of making ‘a colourful splash in city laneways’ and better tackling unwanted graffiti.


Enough of that, do pop into Tocumwal Lane and enjoy the artwork.

Address: Tocumwal Lane, Canberra
Directions: Off Bunda Street and Petrie Plaza in Civic (City Centre)

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