I woke up one morning and could tell it was going to be one of those absolutely beautiful Canberra spring days – a chilly start (freezing) with a beautiful clear blue sky. I knew it would be gorgeous in the sun by 9am. A day made for walking and not working, so I decided to take a days leave from work and enjoy it.

At around 10.30am I decided to take my dog for a walk in a local, recently established, suburban park which I frequent as often as I can. My dog, Lucy, loves it there too. Walking around the small pond is always wonderful. With Mount Ainslie as a backdrop in one direction and a view of Black Mountain in the other one could not ask for better.

The pond is topped up from local floodwater drains so it is a great use for excess water and a way to capture suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorous rather than having it all flow into the main lake – Lake Burley Griffin. The pond, surrounded by different types of local wetland plants, was full of ducks and other assorted foul (No, Lucy you cannot play with the ducks!). The pond is also a haven for many species of frogs but it was bit early in the season for those yet.


A few others had decided to enjoy the morning as well and were out with their dogs too, though don’t let the lack of a dog put you off walking here!

While I do not avail of the facility, living within a kilometre of so of the wetlands, there is a small picnic area and there are toilets making the park a quiet and secluded stop for a picnic if you are visiting the area. The walk around the pond is less than 500m so we generally go around it a few times. While undulating it is paved and I imagine could easily be negotiated in a wheel-chair.


A beautiful way to pass an hour or two and the greatest treat of all, on the walk spurring this review was my first sighting of plum blossoms that particular spring.

Located at Hawdon St, Dickson (about 5kms for the city centre). Open 24/7 with ample street parking in the area.

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