The University of Adelaide, the State of South Australia’s oldest university, was established in 1874 and teaching began with a Latin class in 1876. Today it is one of Australia’s premier universities and offers degrees in arts, science, law, medicine, music, mathematics, philosophy, languages and mining engineering.

From a visitor perspective there is a plethora of beautiful period buildings worthy a look on the University’s North Terrace campus. Do set aside some time for a wander. My favourites are as depicted:

The Mitchell Building – pictured above – was built in 1882 and is the oldest building on the campus. When it opened it accommodated the entire University. It was subsequently named after the philosopher, Sir William Mitchell, who was Vice-Chancellor from 1916 to 1942, and Chancellor from 1942 to 1948. The statue in front of the building is of Sir Walter Watson Hughes, who with Sir Thomas Elder, provided funds to establish the University.

Elder Hall


Elder Hall was opened in 1900 by Lord Tennyson (Governor of South Australia). It is a popular venue for concerts, recitals and public lectures in addition to housing the Elder Conservatorium of Music. The statue in front of Elder Hall is of Sir Thomas Elder.

Bonython Hall

My favourite, Bonython Hall was built in 1936, seats 1000 and is used for University graduation ceremonies, conventions and major public events. The detail on this Gothic style building is exquisite. Sir John Langdon Bonython was another important benefactor of the University and actually donated this Hall to the University.

The Barr Smith Library


This building was named in honour of the Barr Smith family of which a number were major benefactors to the University. The library/reading room the best example on campus of the classical red brick and sandstone style oft employed by University Architect Walter H Bagot.

Address: North Terrace
Website: http://www.adelaide.edu.au/

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  1. Mitchell is my family name so i’m always interested in the name, which is reasonably common in Scotland. We have a Mitchell Library in Glasgow and I believe there is one in Sydney too. All different Mitchells, but it shows we get around!

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