When I visit a ‘kiosk’ in Australia I am anticipating meat pies, chips, Chico rolls, burgers and the like. Not so, at this kiosk on affluent Whale Beach.

Here the menu features passionfruit butter, smashed avocados, haloumi, raisin and fig sourdough, quinoa, masala chai and like. Very un-Australian if you ask me, though a menu entirely befitting of the multi-million dollar houses that surround the Milk and Soda Kiosk.

In standard kiosk fashion you give them your name, order and pay at the counter, and when your food is ready they hollow out your name and you go and get it, having got together you cutlery and condiments in the meantime.


Wanting to fit into the yuppie mould, or whatever the latest fashion was, I avoided the fish and chips and ordered the avocado smash with feta, ricotta, rocket and walnut salad with poached egg and sourdough while Andy, not as adventurous as me, settled for the hamburger with tomato, beetroot, gherkins, caramelised onions, cheese, lettuce and barbeque sauce on a brioche bun, served with chips, ‘krispy’ ones, mind you.

The food arrived on a timely basis, in biodegradable packaging. Both meals were fine, if not spectacular.

While the food was fine there were a few points that irritated me:-

• The lack of proper or even plastic cutlery (though I detest the latter). All that was available was, not doubt environmentally friendly, cheap disposable wooden cutlery – a few splinters of which I took away with me, lodged in my mouth

• The fact that two ugly garbage bins were placed right in front of the kiosk, though to be fair they were tastefully placed, one at either end!

• Apart from taking our order and money, the staff made no effort to connect and while not unfriendly, they came across as indifferent

• The poor layout of the seating such that that tables more suited to eating as opposed to a coffee, etc lacked shade on what was a rather hot day. A few more umbrellas would not go amiss.


Prices were reasonable, particularly given the kiosk’s location right by the beach and the lack of any obvious competition.

Yes, I would eat here again but can only, overall, rate it as just average.

Opening Hours

Daily 8.00am – 6pm

Address: 24 The Strand, Whale Beach, Sydney
Phone: 0411 331 766

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