Whale Beach is, at 600m long, one of the smaller of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Notwithstanding that it is one of the prettiest and least frequented by tourists, the latter not least because there is no public transport directly to the beach. The nearest bus stop (on Barrenjoey Rd – L90 Surf Road stop) is 1km or 15 minutes walk from the beach, along Surf Road.

I actually walked (as of course you can too) to the beach from Palm Beach (to which you can get the L90 bus), on the first leg of the 100km plus Sydney Coastal Walk which I will complete over time. This section of the walk, just over an hour long, afforded me gorgeous views of the golden sandy beach from the headland as I approached from the north and it was from there I took my main picture attached.

Also on this headland is Jonah’s restaurant and accommodation. This is one of Sydney’s classiest (and priciest) restaurants. Being desirous of lunch, though realistically knowing this would not be an option, I stuck my nose in for a look in passing. It was a quick look as my dishevelled attire and sweaty state would surely have had me promptly, if politely, evicted had I lingered long enough to be challenged. I was in rather unfashionable walking attire and had been walking for 3-4 hours at this point on a hot and sticky day. I rather feel that Jonah’s is more accustomed to their customers arriving by limousine from their city seaplane transfer than on foot. I dined at the kiosk on Whale Beach – see my separate review.

Whale Beach is popular with surfers – towards either headland, particularly the northern one where a well known surf break called the Wedge is located. Swimmers and body surfers also enjoy the beach which has toilets, changing facilities, a picnic area shaded by Norfolk Island pine trees and a rock pool (a swimming pool incorporated into the ocean).


Like its neighbouring suburb of Palm Beach, Whale Beach is one of the most expensive in Australia. A sobering thought, lest you fall in love with the place and want to stay here.

Getting there

Public transport or on foot – as detailed above noting that the L90 leaves from outside Wynyard Station in the city and takes about 80 – 90mins to the stops mentioned.

Car – about an hour from the city. There is also ample paid parking (A$4 per hour or A$20 for a full day) by the beach.

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