Something I have not seen elsewhere – certainly nothing as old as this. A medieval version of the mid-levels escalator in Hong Kong perhaps!

Located at the end of School Street and connecting the Citadel Square with the School on the Hill, the Church on the Hill, a Saxon Graveyard and the Ropemaker’s Tower is this medieval wooden staircase – the Scholars’ Stairs, or Schoolboys’ Stairs.

It’s amazing to think that this wooden structure is pushing 400 years old. I’m surprised it was not lost in the 1676 fire though the worst of that was felt in the Lower Town.

Built in 1642, the covered staircase was built to protect schoolchildren and churchgoers during wintertime. Originally, the stairs had 300 steps, but after 1849, their number was reduced to 175. I can’t ascertain if this means the staircase is shorter than it used to be of if the step height is now higher. If you know do let me know.

Address: End of School Street
Directions: Head towards the Church on the Hill from the Citadel Square.

This entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on Sighisoara, Romania. I suggest you continue with my next entry – HERE– or to start the loop at the beginning go to my introductory entry – HERE.


7 thoughts on “Scholars’ Stairs – Let’s go to School

    1. Good point – I did not actually think about that. While I didn’t come across any reference to whole-scale replacement of wood, I assume they have been refurbished over time with pieces of wood replaced. Thanks Sarah link now added.


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