Having completed the lovely Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay walk at Clifton Gardens and its pleasant little beach in Chowder Bay, about 45 minutes before the hourly bus was due leave for our return trip to the city centre, a coffee and mid morning snack were required.

Arriving into Chowder Bay from Taylors Bay

One small problem, the café which we could see from the beach (Bacino Kiosk) was around a small rocky outcrop and the tide was in. Rather than clamber up onto the outcrop for dry passage, like others, we removed our socks and shoes and made our way through the raging torrents to the cafe. Ok, I exaggerate – see picture below.


The kiosk, which used to be an ammunition store, is not much more than a hole in the wall (actually a branch of a larger café up the hill) with sufficient place for a coffee machine, a couple of food displays, a very small preparation area, the attendant and a couple of customers standing.


Seating (basic as it is) is outside on a terrace with a very pleasant view across Chowder Bay.


While I attended to getting a couple of coffees and, as it was, almonds croissants, Andy secured a couple of sun loungers looking out over the bay. Aside from coffee and almond croissants I could have chosen from an assortment of cold drinks including smoothies, frappes and milkshakes and in terms of food, various pies, rolls, baguettes, wraps, pastries and cakes were on offer. Unsurprisingly given its location, prices here are a little higher than average.

I am not sure if it was the views that made the coffee taste great or if it was just great but I immensely enjoyed it while admiring the view.

Being essentially a take-away many people came across from the Gardens and beach, bought coffee, etc and took it back to from whence they came.

I should point out that the majority of reviews on TripAdvisor for the kiosk are very negative – mainly lamenting rude, unfriendly staff and poor food and coffee, notwithstanding its superb location. I can only say I did not encounter any rudeness or unfriendliness and found the coffee and food to be good. Yes, given that there was only one person working in the kiosk, service was a bit on the slow side. Should there be a queue when you arrive or if you are a group (maybe over four) it might be a good idea to pass by the kiosk and visit Ripples Cafe (which I did not visit) a little further along as you head for the bus.

If you are catching the 244 bus back into the city do keep an eye on the time which passes quickly here and allow 10 minutes to make your way up to the bus-stop on Chowder Bay Road.

This is my last Sydney – MOSMAN review.
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