I am not a big fan of new “precincts” preferring the old and distinguished – or as friends tell me the decaying and dead. I like a place with soul and atmosphere so will return here in a few years to reassess New Acton as a whole. In the meantime I will pop in if individual events take my fancy (art / music and the like) or if I want to see a movie in the excellent Palace Cinema housed in the Nishi building.

I am not saying it a waste of your time, that would be too presumptuous of me, as it will indeed be to the taste of many– it’s just not to mine. The stand-out Nishi building is of a rather odd architectural style which I simply do not like and which I suspect will not age well.

There are many things here which I individually like – they just don’t come together (yet) for me. This includes some nice graffiti art and a few interesting sculptures including:

– a metal waterfall cascading down the side of a multi-use building which you will encounter if you enter the area on foot from the City


– a stone statue of an oversized, obese circus man pondering those who pass by – Saltimbanque – based on Picasso’s ‘Saltimbanques’.

– “Time thief” by Robin Blau – a thieving and pinching crow taking time away from us. I am sure many readers can identify with such a thief in our time poor society today. The narration on the sculpture reminds us of the need to “grab and hold onto time” or to “seize the moment”.


New Acton even has its own decorative herb and vegie patches here and there throughout.

Like I say a number of individual items of interest but for me it didn’t come together.

While in New Acton I had the misfortune to try out one of the eateries there – that’s a whole story in itself so I suggest you read my separate review entitled ‘Remove your teeth if that is an option for you’. I am of course not suggesting that this establishment is representative of other eateries located here.

There is ample (pay) parking in the area which is about 15 minutes walk from the city centre.

Address: Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra
Directions: If walking from the city centre cross Northbourne Avenue and on reaching Marcus Clarke Street turn left and continue to the end of the street. New Acton will be on your right.
Website: http://www.newacton.com.au/

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