While visiting Changi Chapel – Prisoner of War National Memorial, within the Royal Military College at Duntroon, I decided to wander into the adjacent ANZAC Memorial Chapel of St Paul. I am glad I did.

This chapel is unique in two ways (at least I have seen neither before).

Firstly there are in fact two separate Chapels in the one building; a Catholic Chapel and a Combined Anglican and Protestant Denominations Chapel.

The Chapel features carved-timber regimental badges mounted on the pews.

Coats of arms and badges are displayed in the narthex along with number of sets of colours, including flags of the Royal Military College. Also on display is “The Sovereign’s Banner” – presented by HM Queen Elizabeth II on her visit in 1954 for presentation to the Champion Company of cadets each year.

The timber used in the entrance area is mountain ash.

Secondly I came across a “deployment lamp”.


The lamp was lit as would, sadly, now be the norm. I wonder if it has been unlit at any stage since it was installed in 2006.

Why the lamp is lit (or not lit) is indicated on the plaque below the lamp which reads:-

“This Lamp is kept burning whenever graduates of the Royal Military College Duntroon are leading soldiers on operational deployments around our troubled world.

This Lamp burns as a sign of our prayers for then and our brave soldiers that GOD will watch over them in their duties and bring them safely home.

If this Lamp is burning, please offer a Prayer.


Certainly brings a tingle to the spine.

While for military and their families the chapel is also open to the public so do go in for a look.

Address: Miles Road, Duntroon
Directions: While within the grounds of the Royal Military College access is open to all. Once inside Duntroon follow the signs for the ANZAC Memorial Chapel.
Phone: (02) 6248 0511
Website: http://rmcchapel.org.au/ Catholic part including external building photograph

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