One thing I can guarantee almost anyone is that you are unlikely to get hit with excess baggage charges on leaving the island and this is not due to lax airport or shipping agent check-in procedures but rather that there is virtually nothing to buy on Ascension Island.

Souvenir Shopping

As nothing is produced on the island everything must be imported and bringing souvenirs in for tourists is low on peoples agenda as there are not enough tourists to buy them. Unlike St Helena there are no local handicrafts, paintings, etc produced here. Take photographs!

I said virtually nothing can be found here – which suggests that there is something and indeed there is. You can get fridge magnets, t-shirts, postcards, photos, ash trays and a few other bits and pieces including the one thing I did buy which was a couple of cuddly green turtles – which are in fact yellow (pictured above). These, I could only find in the Obsidian Hotel’s Gift Shop. You might also have a look in A&P’s Gift World also in Georgetown.

Stamps and philatelic supplies

Postage stamps and other philatelic supplies are a big industry for Ascension Island and, if you are interested in this, you will certainly want to visit the Post Office in Georgetown noting that in addition to Ascension Island items you can also get items from St Helena and Tristan Da Cunha. I have prepared a separate tip on philatelic supplies – The Royal Mail

Other Shopping


Basic, every day essentials and groceries can be found at Solomon’s Shop in Georgetown and the NAAFI at Travellers Hill.

158A couple of retail outlets are located on the ground floor of the Exiles Building in Georgetown – The Turtle Nest – a grocery & gift shop, and Glamour – selling shoes, make-up and accessories . Also located in the centre of Georgetown is a Sue Ryder charity shop, and DVD Rental shop – The Movie Shack. Next door to the Exiles Building is the Rock Shop which sells a selection of shoes and clothing.

You will also find a few bits and pieces at the museum shop and at Birdies fuel station at One Boat.

The airport has a limited range of duty free items for those flying out – if you leave by ship you miss out (not a big deal I promise you).

Note: All Georgetown shops, except the museum shop, are within about 50 metres of each other. The museum shop is about 5 minutes walk from the centre.

This blog entry is the last a group (loop) of entries on my trip to Ascension Island. Thank you for reading and for any feedback provided.
To follow another loop of entries chick  HERE.


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