Once you have inspected the camels in this area proceed round to the other side of the island to see the wildebeest, hippopotamuses and elephants.

After the excitement of seeing all this wild-life go and sun-bathe – topless – on the Moon Base One Topless Beach (pictured below).

Seriously (as if you hadn’t suspected) there are no camels, wildebeest , hippopotamuses or indeed elephants on Ascension Island. Neither, contrary to the picture, is Moon Base One Topless Beach a beach let alone a topless one.


Both these features of Ascension life are quirky amusements for locals and visitors alike,

The camel sign, which you will find on the main road to English Bay, was apparently supplied in error – other warning signs having been ordered by the roads department. Not wanting to waste it (the cost of returning it from mid Atlantic would have put that out of the question) lateral thinking officials had it erected. It probably works much better at slowing traffic than any other sign on the island as passers-by stop or slow down for a giggle.

The “topless beach” is a small area of sand – insufficient to stretch out on – laid out as pictured and located on the right hand side of the unsealed road as you drive in to English Bay (a real beach) from the main road. Its about 300mtrs from the coast. Exposure on this beach would undoubtedly provide an amusing diversion for the chaps working at the base just behind it. As an observation base, one can assume they can see you without you seeing them!

Address: En-route to English Bay

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