This Letterbox Walk is an almost circular walk on Green Mountain of around an hour. Well worth doing for its magnificent views across the island. You can start the walk at either Bell’s Cottage – just up the road from the Red Lion – or at the Old Marine Barracks (see a rough map on my general Green Mountain review). I recommend you combine this walk with a walk to Dew Pond (the highest point on the Island) doing the Dew Pond walk first and then when you return to the Old Marine Barracks/ Breakneck water catch area, head off to the left a little and take the Bishops Path (first picture). Irrespective of where you start you must park your car at the Red Lion.

This is a reasonably flat walk though with a small overall decline to Bells Cottage. Unlike the Dew Pond walk this one rewards you with great views towards the south-western/ western part of the island.


My  picture above taken very early on in the walk looks back towards the summit of Green Mountain – the Dew Pond walk is basically across the top of the ridge as you see it. The slightly lower path is Eliot’s walk (my overall favourite – see separate review).

In the picture below  you can see Wideawake Airport (on the US Base) nestled between a few of the islands 40 odd volcanic peaks


while the picture below takes in the Royal Air Force Base – centre left – and Two Boats Village – centre right.


66The walking track is of very good quality with the picture alongside showing probably the narrowest part there-of. While the first two thirds of the walk (having started at the Old Marine Barracks) is in the open the final third has a real jungle feel about it as you follow the path through the trees.

Bells Cottage was built in 1848 for Farm Superintendent Bell (farm staff residing at the Red Lion) but was converted into pigsties in the 1970s.

Why this walk is called “Bishops” I have no idea – so don’t ask!

Address: Green Mountain
Directions: Park at the Red Lion

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on my trip to Ascension Island. I suggest you continue with my next entry – HERE.
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