Why would I write a review suggesting you play golf yet leave your clubs at home? I will explain.

If you Google “world’s worst golf courses” you will find that the course on Ascension Island appears fairly early on in the search results.

Ascension’s 18-hole (par 67) golf course can be found at One Boat (about half way between Georgetown and Two Boats Village). The entrance is actually on the road to English Bay.

One of the most interesting courses you will find anywhere, the “greens” are called “browns” and are made of crushed compacted lava and beach sand smoothed flat with diesel oil and the edges of the fairways – composed of various volcanic emissions – are marked with large boulders of volcanic rock. Oil is applied to the browns every couple of months to ensure a relatively stable playing surface.


One thing you will not find on this course is grass which, I suspect, makes a round somewhat more difficult for those more accustomed to the more traditional grass course.

When open (most likely at weekends when competitions are supposedly held) the 19th hole (the clubhouse) has a bar. There is a ball cleaning device at the back of the clubhouse – I can’t imagine it would make much difference to your game whether your balls were dirty or clean but, anyway, it’s there if you need it!


Visitors are welcome and cost is minimal when you consider the cost of a round of golf almost anywhere else in the world (9 holes GBP 2.50, 18 holes GBP 5.00) – the picture above outlines payment instructions.

Having examined the surface of the “browns” and the fairways you will understand why I suggest you leave your expensive clubs at home. Clubs can be hired from the Obsidian Hotel in Georgetown. As the clubhouse showed no sign of life when I visited or on the numerous times I passed I don’t know if it hires clubs or not. As such, I suggest, to avoid disappointment, you get a set from the hotel.

Enjoy your game if you choose to play. If not interested in playing stop in for a look anyway.

Address: One Boat
Directions: One Boat is about half way between Georgetown and Two Boats Village. The club entrance is actually on the road to English Bay.

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on my trip to Ascension Island. I suggest you continue with my next entry – HERE.
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10 thoughts on “Play Golf But Leave Your Clubs At Home

  1. After reading the Wikipedia post for Ascension Island there is reference to it having what is considered by many to be the worst golf course in the world. Of course this piqued my interest and I ran a Google search which landed me here. Very interesting article I would love to see more images of the course itself. Thank you for the article.

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    1. Ron thanks for looking at my Ascension Island reviews and I hope you enjoy your time there. Rates given are a few years old now so you probably best check at club or Obsidian Hotel if it is operating. Whatever it is it is cvery cheap for a round of golf.. less than $10 for sure. While on Ascension I recommend you also visit St Helena, a very different experience. I have separate entries on it starting here if you are interested


    1. Because on Ascension Island, although brown, they are called ‘greens.’ I played often in 1985. Earlier, I played in Cyprus which also used a sand and oil mix for the putting surface. These were called ‘browns.’

      A different technique was required for each type of course. On Ascension the layer of cinder/oil was a couple of inches thick and you could land a ball on it. In Cyprus the sand/oil layer was much thinner and if you landed a ball on a brown there, the ball took off.

      Incidentally, at the time I played golf on Ascension, the club champion, a St Helena guy whose name I forget, played off 4 handicap and carried only two clubs. A 3 wood and 5 iron which doubled up as a putter. The guy had never played on grass and obviously developed his technique in isolation. The fairways were cinder and you were permitted to prepare a lie. Rough, generally consisted of volcanic rocks. Because of the abrasiveness, you regularly got through at least two balls per round. Fortunately they could be bought cheaply at the American PX


      1. David, thank you for reading my entry and for taking the time to comment. Sorry for the delay in replying as I have just retrieved your comment from ‘spam’. Also thanks for the similar email. Perhaps things have changed but, for sure, on the Obsidian web site (I think it is closed now like the hotel) they were referred to as browns as they were by staff – hence my reference. I appreciate your extra detail as well including the detail on the then club champion.


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