As of Oct 2017 the Obsidian (and its related accommodation options) has closed due to the termination of flights to the UK making it nonviable to remain open. Very sad. This may change as/if accessibility to the island improves. I have retained my review as originally written.

I will only be writing one hotel review for Ascension Island as there is only one hotel on the island. Be advised that you must have accommodation arranged prior to arriving in Ascension.

The Obsidian offers a range of accommodations of varying quality but all over-priced for what you get – though I guess operating costs are high. Overall friendly and helpful staff and a reasonable place to stay even though you have no choice. That said, I would happily stay here again.

The main hotel with around 20 rooms is in the centre of Georgetown and within easy walking distance of everything in town as is the hotel’s budget style accommodation – Hayes House (50m from hotel).


I stayed in the main hotel in Room 17 which is actually a converted former  store room. The room was of satisfactory standard though aging (70s décor) – excellent hot shower and comfortable bed. Hotel rooms come with a TV (limited options via satellite), telephone, fridge and tea making facilities and either a balcony or separate patio area. Room rates include a continental breakfast which is a good thing as unless you self cater there are no other options for breakfast on the island. For an additional GBP5  you can have a fry-up.

Breakfast is available daily from 7am to 9am with dinner available in the Sunset Bistro also daily from around 7pm (see separate review). Lunch is not served though a bit of arm twisting and advance notice may get you a burger and chips or sandwiches – though even this won’t work if the chef has plans to go fishing.

The hotels bar, the Anchor Inn, is open daily from around 5.30pm– 9.00pm. It offers a good range of drinks at very reasonable prices (ie significantly cheaper than the UK where most of the booze is imported from!).


Reception and a reasonable gift shop is open 9am-to approx. 5pm Monday to Friday , a few hours on Saturday and not at all on Sunday. I guess they know you can’t run away without paying!

The hotel also hires vehicles, offers rather expensive internet access, and runs a basic tourist office – i.e has a selection of pamphlets which is all you really need. If you do have the urge to have a full ordinance survey map of the island I will cost you GBP22. An expensive laundry service is also available.

The hotel offers a minibus pick-up/drop-off service to the airport and the jetty (meeting the RMS St Helena). The cost of this service is very reasonable considering you have no choice though you could walk to/from the jetty if you didn’t have too much luggage.

Hayes House offers a number of en-suite rooms and a number with shared facilities. Guests have access to a TV lounge and a small self-catering kitchen – though of course can dine in the main hotel (or elsewhere). I didn’t see any of the rooms but given that I have classified their “luxury” hotel rooms as satisfactory I imagine Hayes House rooms would be basic.

The hotel also owns Garden Cottage situated close to the summit of Green Mountain. The 3 bedroom self-contained cottage is the oldest building on the island dating from the 1820s when it was the Farm Manager’s residence. While you have stunning views across the island I would not recommend staying here unless you hanker isolation and are fully self-contained or don’t mind continually driving up a long, steep and winding road. The accommodation is pretty rudimentary and in need of an update. It’s a case of getting what you pay for here.

A couple of other accommodation options (owned by the Obsidian) are available for larger groups – ask hotel for details.

Costs (2013)

Hotel (all en suite)

Air conditioned rooms range from GBP90 to GBP130 for two persons
Fan cooled rooms – GBP85 to GBP 100 for two persons

Hayes House

Air conditioned en suite rooms GBP80 for two persons

Single occupation about 70% of the cost for two persons for the hotel and Hayes House

Garden Cottager

GBP294 per week with minimum rental of 7 days then GBP 42 per day (and a bit less if you rent a car from Obsidian).

Address: Go to the main hotel in the centre of Georgetown for checkin to all properties
Phone: +247 6246
Website: http://www.obsidian.co.ac/hotel.html

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on my trip to Ascension Island. I suggest you continue with my next entry – HERE.
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8 thoughts on “Obsidian Hotel – The Island’s Best!

    1. Shocking ! – This may impact on tourist ability to get an entry permit .. as ‘All persons entering ascension must
      have suitable prear
      ranged accommodation. Provide the contact details of the person
      who is arranging your accommodation, so as the information can be verified.” You’ll need to shack up with the Administrator .. not a bad spot !

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