Accommodation in the centre of Sydney is often in short supply and has become very expensive.

Recently I have started cycling again (to and from work and the odd fun ride) and wanted to do a couple of rides in Sydney. I hasten to add that Sydney is not a good place for fun cycling given its dearth of cycle paths and its rather hilly terrain. Indeed I would sadly, in the main, recommend against cycling as a mode of transport or a way of sightseeing for the visitor to Sydney.

Anyway, as one of the rides I wanted to do was located towards the west of the city and I had car transport, I searched for a suitably located hotel, at a reasonable price, in the Strathfield/Enfield part of the city. I was also looking for a triple room.

I came across the Ibis Budget Hotel – Enfield (formerly Formula 1). It ticked all the boxes – a triple en suite room with air conditioning, free car parking, close to where I wanted to ride, a short ride from the nearest train station, and with a bus stop right outside. All of this for only A$100 per night for three persons, or about 1/3rd of what we would have paid in the city.

I looked for a nearby bus/train stop as it would have let us go into the city of an evening, leaving bicycles and car at the hotel. As it happened we ended up not going into the city on either night we stayed here. We ate at nearby Strathfield to which, having a car, we just drove and availed of free parking. We could have taken the bus to Strathfield though to be honest the bus service from from/too the hotel is poor, in terms of frequency, at nights and at the weekend.

The hotel’s location, importantly given what we wanted to do and our transport options, was perfect for us. I accept it will not be so for all, indeed most, visitors.


The hotel itself is typical Ibis Budget style and accordingly the rooms are small (by Australian/Asian standards but not European) and the bathroom was a tiny cubicle type arrangement. Bedding was in the form of a double bed and single bunk bed. There was a small table and chair and a TV in the room but no wardrobe or the like though there were a few clothes pegs. There was a single power outlet – but this was not a problem for us as we always travel with a power board sufficient to let us charge cameras, phones etc.

Bedding and towels were provided and clean. The carpet could do with a steam clean.

Staff at the hotel were friendly and extremely helpful, to the extent of letting us store three bicycles in their small cleaner’s room.

While we didn’t avail of it, the hotel offers a continental breakfast at an extra cost. There are a few vending machines offering soft drinks and snacks.

Located right next to the hotel are a few fast food outlets though we chose to cycle/drive about 4-5kms to Strathfield for breakfast/ dinner. Strathfield has an excellent selection of dining options and it saved us taking the train (albeit only 15 minutes) into the city centre.

I have some interior photos of the hotel somewhere and will add them here when I find them.

Also, note that while the hotel is open 24 hours a day, reception is only open from 7am to 10am and from midday to 10pm.

In summary, this was an excellent, good value option for what I needed. Consider your needs carefully before you book.

Address: 626/628 Liverpool Rd, Sydney NSW 2136
Phone: (02) 9642 0666
Website: http://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-2691-ibis-budget-enfield/index.shtml

For now, this is my only Burwood review. For other Sydney reviews click HERE.


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