This is not intended as a warning against visiting Garden Island (or that part of it you are permitted to visit) but rather advise on how to get there lest you waste time trying to access it via any way other than the ferry wharf on the northern tip of the island (which is no longer an island).

Garden Island is an operational naval base and as such public access is restricted. The only part of the base open to the public is The Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre and its immediate environs. The Heritage Centre is a naval museum housed in two heritage listed buildings within a short walk of the ferry wharf.

Specifically, you cannot reach the museum from the south via car, bus or on foot.

Should you find yourself, south-side, in Woolloomooloo on Finger Wharf, now home to a hotel, fashionable restaurants and residential apartments or visiting Harry’s Café de Wheels, you can admire, from a distance, any navy ships (Australian and overseas) which happen to be moored along Cowper Wharf at the time.

Cruise ships occasionally use naval facilities at Garden Island. When this happens provision is made for access.

My pictures attached are taken from Harry’s Café de Wheels.

This is my last Sydney – City – WOOLLOOMOOLOO review.
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