I have written a number of reviews on this page enticing my reader to visit the inner city suburb of Woolloomooloo.

An overseas friend expressed an interest in visiting one of the sights I have written about, along with the hope that he would not have to ask somebody the way to Woolloomooloo.

While some locals refer to it as ‘the Loo,’ seeking directions to ‘the Loo’ may not result in the desired response.

My good friends concern reminded me that the good people of Woolloomooloo, at some point, had predicted that the inability to pronounce the suburb’s name might be a problem for visitors. Accordingly, they have provided some guidance in this matter via signage erected on an overpass, a short distance from Kings Cross Station, the point from which many visitors, on foot, venture into the lower reaches of Woolloomooloo.

I trust this signage, depicted in my main picture, allays any apprehension my reader may have and that he or she does, as a consequence, explore this lovely suburb.


Behind the signage, you can admire a typical Australian Outback farm transplanted in Woolloomooloo!

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