The process of gentrification of the small inner city suburb of Chippendale is well underway. Formerly a very undesirable disease and crime ridden industrial suburb it has, since the mid 2000s, been spruced up.

Its location, a very short walk from Central Station (trains) and Railway Square (buses), makes it very easy to visit. While this review concentrates on the Brewery Yard Markets there are also a few things of historical interest as well as some very modern architecture, including One Central Park with it “vertical gardens”, worth having a look at in the vicinity.


The market, one of the city’s newest regular markets, is open on the first and third Sunday of each month (around 10am – 4pm). I arrived slightly early, being in the area for other reasons and not even knowing there was a market here, so stalls were still in the process of setting up and customers were few.

That said, a quick look around at the quality of the stalls and the range of goods on offer assured me that it would be a popular market and indeed very busy within a short time. It is very much an artisan market with old (all that remains of the old Kent Street Brewery – including a chimney stack (later Carlton United Brewery)) and new (One Central Square and others) buildings providing a delightful backdrop.


On sale here you will find lots of handicraft, foods and snacks, drinks, fashions, beauty products, jewellery, flowers, candles and household knickknacks. All up around fifty or so stalls. This is not the place to come for antiques or secondhand goods.

While I was too early to see any, I read that art demonstrations and live music and other entertainment are a feature of the market. A stage was certainly being set up when I was there. Adjacent to the market area is a large green lawn, Chippendale Green, a great spot for a picnic – to enjoy some of you market purchases while listening to the live music perhaps?

The artwork featured in my first four pictures attached is ‘Halo’, a wind powered kinetic sculpture by Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford. The ring apparently turns and tilts atop the mast when the winds blows. There was no wind when I visited so no turning or tilting occurred.

While the market offers lots of delicious looking food and drink (non alcoholic) options and there is certainly no need to venture away for something to eat, there are a few new and very trendy cafes in prescient should that be what you are after.

While perhaps still lacking the atmosphere and character of some of the city’s older/longer established markets, the Brewery Yard Markets are certainly worth a look.

What to pay: Moderate to Higher Prices
Address: 28 Broadway, Chippendale (opposite UTS)
Directions: 5 Minutes Walk from Central Station/ Railway Square
Website: http://www.breweryyardmarkets.com.au

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2 thoughts on “Chippendale Market – New and Trendy

  1. I’m a little biased, but I love a great market. I volunteer at one here at home, and always search them out on our travels, near & far. They’re an excellent window into a culture, and always have creative elements to intrigue and inspire. And, of course, there’s always delicious local foods to explore!

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