Canberra has four main sources of water and consequentially four dams. Three of these the Cotter, Bendora and Corin Dams are on the Cotter River, itself little more than a mountain stream, which flows through the western part of Namadgi National Park. Bendora and Corin (the subject of this review) Dams are within the National Park.

The Corin Dam, an earth and rockfill embankment dam, is the highest (955m) of the three Cotter River Dams and was constructed in 1968. It has a capacity of 70.8 million litres and is fed from a catchment area of nearly 200 square kilometres. When required, water is released from Corin Dam down into the Bendora Dam from which it can continue its flow by gravity to the Mount Stromlo Water Treatment Plant and thence our taps in Canberra. The Bendora Dam, which I have not visited and which is much more difficult to get to, is significantly smaller than Corin. I have included a separate review on the Cotter Dam, outside the Namadgi National Park, within my Canberra reviews.

Unlike the Cotter Dam you can drive across the Corin Dam and easily get great views of the reservoir and the dam itself. On the far side of the dam wall (where the Corin Rd ends) there is a small picnic area and toilets.

As I have to drink the water from here, might I respectfully suggest that you do not pee in the Dam reservoir or its immediate catchment area!

There are a couple of walking trails (which I have yet to explore) which start from this end of the dam though you need not go trekking here to see the reservoir – you get great views from the Dam wall itself and from a small viewing platform up some steps to your right just prior to crossing the dam wall.

This is a very peaceful area and well worth the drive out for a look. Make a day of it and visit Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve or do the Square Rock walk as well and don’t forget to drop into Gibraltar Falls for a few minutes en route, also on the Corin Road.

Address: Corin Road
Directions: At the end of the Corin Road – you cannot miss it.

This blog entry is the last of a group (loop) of entries on Namadgi National Park.  I trust you have enjoyed reading about Namadgi National Park and  invite you to partake of another of the loops on my “Travel Loops” page, by clicking  HERE.



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