The view from Hospital Hill Lookout, situated along the side of the Bodeyan Road about a kilometre after the road turns from a sealed to an unsealed road, is one of the best in Namadgi National Park. Distance from carpark 20 metres!


Looking down from the lookout platform (at approximately 1400 metres) you see right into the Gudgenby Valley, while looking straight ahead across the valley gives you a magnificent view some of the highest peaks in the Australian Capital Territory and the Brindabella Ranges. In interpretative plaque puts names to the peaks you see ahead.


I have not been able to ascertain why it is called Hospital Hill Lookout.

Certainly worth a stop if you are visiting the Park with the added bonus of not a bloody politician nor roundabout in sight. Australians will get the latter part of this comment.

Address: Bodeyan Road
Directions: About 35 kms south of the Park Visitor Centre

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on Namadgi National Park.  To continue with my next entry chick HERE.


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