If you walk the 9kms long Settlers Track in Namadgi National Park, which I strongly encourage you to do, you will encounter three old, restored dwellings along the way – Brayshaw’s Hut, Waterhole Hut and Westerman’s Homestead. This review is on Brayshaw’s Hut, the first dwelling you will encounter if you walk the loop walk in an anticlockwise direction, as recommended.

This small two room wooden hut, with a verandah, was built in 1903, probably by Ted Brayshaw a noted bush carpenter, for David Brayshaw, his brother and clearly a man of simple needs. David, a bachelor, occupied the hut, until he died from injuries and exposure in 1931, aged 76, after falling from his horse. A stone cairn elsewhere in the Park marks the spot where his body was found, two days after his death.


For some time prior to 1931 there was a second building behind this hut, perhaps occupied by the teacher engaged by local families to teach at the nearby and temporary Tin Dish school.

31Following David’s death his nephew and niece lived here until 1935 during which time feminine touches such as wall paper (albeit newspaper) and whitewash were added to the hut. In later years additional rooms including extra bedrooms, a laundry and a bathroom were added. These additions have since been removed and the hut is now pretty much as it was between 1903 and 1931.

Also no longer in existence is a shearing shed which was located up the hill and other fenced-in yards around the property.

In addition to its general spartenness, a notable feature of the hut is the lack of substantial windows. This is simply due to the high cost of glass in the early 1900s.

Address: Bobeyan Road
Directions: Settlers Track Walk

This blog entry is one of a group (loop) of entries on Namadgi National Park.  To continue with my next entry chick HERE.


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