This memorial, located at the southern most end of Anzac Parade at the intersection of Anzac Parade and Constitution Avenue, is in two parts – two bronze “basket handles” one on each side of the Parade.

The two kete or basket handles express the historic shared effort between Australia and New Zealand to achieve common goals in both peace and war, and to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of service men and women who served shoulder-to-shoulder (the ANZAC spirit forged on the beaches and hills of Gallipoli) on foreign soil.

The words from a Maori proverb inscribed on both parts of the memorial, ‘Each of us at a handle of the basket’ (Mau tena kiwai o te kete, maku tenei), express this unique co-operative relationship between the two countries, especially in wartime.


The pavement (in reds and browns of the Australian landscape) on the Australian side (west) of the Memorial was designed by the Indigenous artist Daisy Nadjundanga from Maningrida Arts and Crafts, Arnhem Land, in association with Sydney-based Urban Art Projects while that on the New Zealand side (in green, black and white, the colours of the New Zealand landscape – stones actually from New Zealand) was designed by artists Allen Wihongi and Toi Te Rito Maihi.

At the centre of the paving on each side is buried soil from Gallipoli, Turkey. the birthplace of the ANZAC tradition as soldiers fought together in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in 1915.

While not generally known for my love of poetry I do like the poem by Jenny Bornholdt which is inscribed on a bronze ‘boulder’ under the arch on each side.

This sea we cross over
and over. Tides turning on
gold and sheep. On rain. On sand.
On earth the fallen lie
beneath. On geography. On
women standing. On peoples of
gardens and movement.
On trade and union.
This sea a bridge
of faith. This sea we are
contained and
moved by.

The memorial was dedicated on 24 April 2001 by the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand, John Howard and Helen Clark.

Address: ANZAC Parade

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