This memorial, on Anzac Parade is dedicated to the all ‘Diggers’ – the Australian Army – who have fought on numerous fronts since the unified Australian Army was formed in 1901. The Australian Army has taken part in two World Wars, the Korean conflict, the Malayan Emergency, confrontation in Malaysia and Borneo, and in Vietnam seeing service in the African Veldt, the trenches of France, Gallipoli, the Western Desert and in the jungles of the Pacific and South East Asia. Since Vietnam they have participated in various international peacekeeping operations.

The term “Digger” was first used to describe Australian troops in the trenches in World War I.

As the Army is about people – son’s, brothers, fathers and husbands and more lately their female counterparts – the memorial is aptly entitled ‘Every Mother’s Son.’

The two bronze figures (Aussie mates) of sculptors Charles and Joan Smith’s monument represent Australian soldiers facing east towards the rising sun. The solders are standing on a podium paved in a radial pattern in the style of the Army Insignia. The seven cylindrical pillars represent the seven major conflicts in which the Australian Army has been involved in the twentieth century with the water in which they stand reminding us of the long sea journeys involved in all seven campaigns. Thirty six panels on the curving wall behind the figures outline the major events in the history of the Army.

The memorial was dedicated by Governor General, Bill Hayden in November 1989.

Address: ANZAC Parade

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