Anzac Parade is Canberra’s main ceremonial avenue forming part of the Burley Griffin axis joining Mount Ainslie summit, the Australian War Memorial and the Old and New Houses of Parliament. It runs from the War Memorial to Lake Burley Griffin and is easily distinguished by its red gravel (symbolising blood?) central strip flanked by Victorian blue gum eucalypt trees and by 12 memorials to various campaigns and units of the military forces. The planter boxes, symbolising the connection with New Zealand, contain a native New Zealand plant, hebe – morning glory. You can get an excellent view of Anzac Parade from the summit of Mount Ainslie or closer up from the main steps of the War Memorial.

Anzac Parade was officially opened on 25 April 1965 to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the Anzac (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) soldiers landing in Gallipoli (Turkey) on 25 April 1915.

The memorials along the parade are:

Australian Hellenic Memorial
Australian Army National Memorial
Australian National Korean War Memorial
Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial
Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
Boer War Memorial
New Zealand Memorial
Rats of Tobruk Memorial
Royal Australian Air Force Memorial
Australian Service Nurses National Memorial
Royal Australian Navy Memorial
Kemal Ataturk Memorial

Click on each memorial name (above) for a brief review. The reviews you will find are based on information available on the memorials themselves in addition to data sourced from other locations. With a few exceptions I have resisted to temptation to add my personal feelings – readers will have or create their own impressions.


War is an awful thing and visiting these memorials and thinking about the thousands and indeed millions who have had their lives cut short as a result of war will drive that point home – it certainly does for me each time I walk or drive down Anzac Parade. There is no glorification of war here.

Given the high level of symbolism contained in the majority of the memorials I encourage you to read the reviews prior to visiting them – I think you will gain more from your visit by so doing.

Even for those with no interest in the history behind these memorials a visit purely for their aesthetic appeal is worthwhile.

The memorials are listed above in the order you will find them if you walk down the right hand side of the parade (towards the lake) and back up the other side to the Australian War Memorial. The easy walk, from and back to the War Memorial, is 2.5kms. Allow yourself at least 1.5hrs.


Directions: Anzac Parade extends from the Australian War Memorial to Constitution Avenue
Phone: +61 2 6262 7380
Website: http://www.awm.gov.au/

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