in my review on the Freedom Monument, a stones throw from the Laima clock, I indicated that it was a rallying point for Latvian patriotism and pro-independence demonstrations.

Should you merely want to catch up with a friend, rather than display your patriotism or start a demonstration, you should do this at the Laima clock,97 just as locals have been doing for nearly 100 years – though, unlike in Soviet times, you will not find any political reading material here to keep you amused or educate yourself as you wait for your friend to arrive.

The clock was erected in 1924 with the primary aim of helping residents arrive to work on time. In 1936 it took on the Laima livery which it retains (restored in 1999) to this day. Laima is the country’s largest confectionery/chocolate producer and the 1870 date on the clock signifies the year in which the Laima company was founded.

Should you befriend a local and they say to you ‘Satiekamies pie Laimas pulksteņa’– it means ‘Let’s meet at the Laima clock’.

Address: Aspazijas bulvāris 20
Directions: Close to the Freedom Monument

This is one in a group (loop) of reviews exploring beyond the Old City area of Riga. Continue to my next entry. Alternatively to start at the beginning of the loop click here.



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