The closest I came to the Riga Radio and TV Tower was when I visited the Grebenshchikov Old Believers Church, just across the Daugava River. Even from this distance the tower is a very impressive Soviet built structure. If viewing from the church, do not be tempted to walk down the road depicted in my attached pictures with a view to reaching the tower. The bridge-less (at this point) Daugava River is just behind the building which appears to be, though is not, at the base of the tower in the picture.

Built in the 1980s the tower is 368 metres high making it the highest tower in European Union. It stands 3 metres higher than the Berlin TV Tower and 47 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Structurally its tripod construction, vaguely resembling the Eiffel Tower, looks quite interesting but unfortunately I didn’t have time for a closer look, or to go up the tower.


Tall as it may be the viewing platform, accessible to visitors via a ‘sloping’ lift, is less than one third of the way up at 97 metres (still not bad). Other reviews suggest that while the views are good the windows through which you must admire them are badly scratched and dirty while the whole tower, up close, is somewhat dilapidated. The only facilities available to the visitor are toilets. A former restaurant is no longer operating.

Reviews on views from St Peter’s Church and the Academy of Science building are much better and as noted in my St Peter’s Church review I regret not going up its spire for a look.

Tower Access – via trolley bus 19,20 or 24 with a 10 – 15mins walk from the Zakusalas stop. Alternatively you can take a taxi.

Observation Deck Opening Hours

Mid-May to 30 September – 10am-8pm daily
1 Oct to mid-May- 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday.

Admission Fee
Euro 3.70 (2015) – cash only.

Address: Zakusalas krastmala 1
Phone: 7108600

This is one in a group (loop) of reviews exploring beyond the Old City area of Riga. Continue to my next entry. Alternatively to start at the beginning of the loop click here.


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