This cottage, now located in Commonwealth Park, was constructed as a home for Duntroon Estate workers in the 1860s and as such predates Canberra’s selection as the National Capital. It has been home to three families – the Ginns, Blundells and the Oldfields. The Blundell family, after which it is named, occupied it for 60 years (1874-1933).

Blundells Cottage is one of the few stone buildings of its type to have survived intact in the Australian Capital Territory. It is a rare reminder of life on a nineteenth century agricultural estate in this area. Duntroon Estate was a 32,000 acre estate owned by the Campbell Family (after whom the adjoining suburb is named). 25 of these cottages were built by the Campbells to encourage British farmers to settle on the estate.


The cottage itself, as you would expect of an estate workers lot in the late 19th century, is small though probably better than most of the day with two bedrooms, a parlour, a work area (pantry) and an office/kitchen area. Internally the cottage is nicely furnished with period pieces and worth a look.

While the small back yard is locked both it and the gardens can be viewed without going into the cottage and outside opening hours. Well worth the 20 metres detour from the lakeside path. The cottage significantly predates the lake and in former days it sat on the banks of the Monlonglo River.


You will most likely view the cottage as part of a walk around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin. See my separate tip on such a walk.

Opening hours : Thur and Sat 10 – 11.30am and 12 noon to 4pm. Closed Christmas Day and public holidays.

As of June 2017 the cottage is closed to the public, undergoing renovations.

Admission Fee : Free

Address: Commonwealth Park
Directions: Direct Access : Blundells Cottage is located on Wendouree Drive, on the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin. Entry is via the northern lane of Kings Avenue or from Constitution Avenue.
Phone: +61 2 6273 2667
Website: http://www.nationalcapital.gov.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=234&Itemid=197

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